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Homepage Round-Up: Linking DNA Alterations to Type 2 Diabetes, Using CBD to Treat Heroin Abusers, and More.

Medical News Round-Up: Linking DNA Alterations to Type 2 Diabetes, Using CBD to Treat...

Here are the top stories covered by DocWire News this week in the Homepage section. This week’s edition discusses a large-scale study that linked rare DNA alterations to type 2 diabetes, how the use of cannabidiol can help treat heroin abusers, a brain-based method for diagnosing autism, and how the consumption of sugary beverages correlates to increased mortality.

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Genomic Study Finds New Genetic Variants in Diabetic Patients

A group of researchers have recently identified several DNA alterations that are linked to type 2 diabetes. Analyzing coding genes from almost 46,000 individuals,...

3D Printing Cornea Tissue to Combat Blindness

Pandorum Technologies, an Indian bioprinting startup, has recently used 3D printed cornea tissue to facilitate the healing of wounds in the eye. Using a...

Google Creates AI that Detects Lung Cancer Better than Doctors

Google researchers have recently worked with Northwestern Medicine to create an AI system (Artificial Intelligence) that detects lung cancer more accurately than human radiologists....
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Pharma Giant Sanofi Expanding into Digital Health Solutions

Sanofi, a prominent French pharmaceutical company, is working with Happify Health to enter the digital health field. The two have been researching a digital...

New Insulin Treatment Could Revolutionize Diabetic Care

A UCLA-led research team recently developed a modified form of insulin that could help prevent dangerous drops in blood sugar in diabetic patients. The...

Top 5 Robotic Surgery Systems

Robotic surgery systems offer precise, accurate, and easily replicated results that can greatly assist surgeons and improve patient outcomes. The term “robotic surgery” is...

How Will 5G Wireless Impact Healthcare?

The 5G wireless network has been a topic of discussion in 2019, providing unprecedented speed and capacity compared to previous generations of cellular networks....
AI Artificial Intelligence Prevents Unneeded Chest Pain Testing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Prevents Unneeded Chest Pain Testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be able to prevent unnecessary diagnostic testing in those with stable angina, according to new study results. The study was presented...

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