Inflammation During COVID-19 Hospitalization Linked to Mortality

Inflammation during hospitalization for an initial COVID-19 episode is associated with an increased risk for 12-month mortality, according to...

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Oncology Round-Up: Midazolam With or Without Pethidine; and More

Midazolam With or Without Pethidine During Bronchoscopy A randomized trial on midazolam with or without pethidine in patients undergoing bronchoscopy found that “the combination uses...
hand wearing latex glove holding bronchoscope during bronchoscopy

Midazolam With or Without Pethidine During Bronchoscopy

According to Masahiro Katsurada and colleagues, few studies have evaluated the combination of sedatives and opioids in patients undergoing bronchoscopy. They conducted a randomized...

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