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Homepage Round-Up: Inducing Seizures to Stop Seizures, Home Care Health Aides Reporting Verbal Abuse, and More.

Homepage Round-Up: Inducing Seizures to Stop Seizures, Home Care Health Aides Reporting Verbal Abuse,...

Here are the top stories covered by DocWire News this week in the Homepage section. In this week’s issue find how inducing seizures can help identify seizure locations

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How Doctors are Using Smartphone Apps for Surgical Training

Training surgeons is a particularly challenging task, with few alternatives comparing to operating on a live human. Though they aren’t equivalent to a true...

New Portable Device May Help Doctors Treat Strokes Faster

Researchers from the Army Medical University and China Academy of Engineering Physics have recently developed a hybrid device that detects blood flow changes associated...

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Using VR to Plan Surgeries

The St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa is using VR technology from flight simulations to create virtual models of a patient’s anatomy. These 360-degree...

AI-Smartphone App ‘Listens’ to Cough to Diagnose Disease

A group of Australian researchers have recently developed an AI-powered smartphone app that can diagnose respiratory disorders by “listening” to the user’s cough. This...
aspect biosystems

Aspect Biosystems Using 3D Printing in $2.2M Cancer Research Project

Aspect Biosystems, a 3D printing company based in Canada, was recently selected to carry out a $2.2 million project developing cancer treatments. The company’s...

Executives Expect AI, VR, Blockchain, and more to Revolutionize Healthcare

Blockchain, AI, extended reality, and quantum computing are becoming popularized in healthcare, with nearly 90% of healthcare executives currently experimenting with at least one...

How a Machine Learning Algorithm Can Predict Hospital Readmissions

A machine learning algorithm called the Baltimore score (B score) can potentially help hospitals predict which discharged patients will be readmitted, according to a University of Maryland School of Medicine study that was published in JAMA.

Needle-Free Continuous Glucose Monitor Receives European Approval

Nemaura Medical’s needleless Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) has recently received European approval for use by diabetic patients. This innovative CGM, named sugarBEAT, is a...

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