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HIV Patients with Compassionate Care Providers Remain in Treatment Longer

HIV Patients with Compassionate Care Providers Remain in Treatment Longer

Adults with human immunodeficiency (HIV) who receive compassionate and respectful care from their primary health care providers are more likely to continue treatment

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Future of Medicine

How Will 3D Printing Be Used in Healthcare?

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry that has the potential to impact many markets, including healthcare. From biostructures comprised of cells to assistive...
computer chip

New Computer Chip Reducing Drug Development Time

Researchers have recently created a chip that could greatly enhance the current drug development process. The current procedure involves searching for novel compounds, producing...

Migraine-Treating Headset Gets European Approval

Neurolief has recently received European approval for their non-invasive, digital migraine treatment. The device, Relivion, is a wearable headset that delivers therapeutic neurostimulation that...
alzheimer's disease

How Genetic Interaction Plays into Alzheimer’s Disease Inflammation

Research that has recently emerged from scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) that may help combat Alzheimer’s disease progression. This work emphasized preventing the...
robotic surgery

Using 3D Printed Robots in Knee Surgeries

Miniature surgical robots that are unique to the individual patient’s anatomy are being created by researchers from the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. At...

MIT Researchers Create Powerful Muscle-Like Fibers

A team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have recently created a system of contractile fibers that could be used like muscles in...
genetically edited mosquito

Is Genetically Editing Mosquitoes the Best Way to Fight Malaria?

Malaria presents as one of the leading causes of disease and death in many developing countries. In 2016, the CDC estimates the disease to...
spinal cord

New Research Takes Step Towards Healing Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Recently, researchers have investigated a nerve repair process that could potentially be activated to heal injuries to the brain and spinal cord. This discovery...

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