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Homepage Round-Up: Gluten-Intake Linked to Celiac Disease in Predisposed Children, Women and the Elderly Are Affected by Adverse Drug Interactions, and More.

Homepage Round-Up: Gluten-Intake Linked to Celiac Disease in Predisposed Children, Women and the...

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Harvard Researchers Using Bacterial Hydrogels as Intestinal Band-Aids

A group of Harvard researchers has recently created a probiotic hydrogel that can function as a Band-Aid-like seal for internal wounds. External wounds like...

App Detects Blood Pressure and More Using a Selfie Video

A research team has recently developed a smartphone app that can measure blood pressure and potentially heart rate, breathing rate, and other metrics through...
virtual reality

Spinal Surgeons Perform Better When Using Virtual Reality

Researchers have recently found that spinal surgery outcomes are improved when the surgeon uses virtual reality (VR) during the operation. The procedure evaluated in...
sickle cell

First U.S. Patient Receives CRISPR Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease

Last week, a patient received CRISPR gene therapy to treat a genetic disease for the first time in the U.S. The 41-year-old Victoria Gray...

Small Biodegradable Implant Delivers Painkillers for Days After Surgery

Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have created a biodegradable device that could be used in implants to control painkiller release in...
3d printing

Research Breakthrough Brings Scientists Closer to 3D Printing a Human Heart

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have recently used a 3D printing technique to create collagen tissue scaffolds, bringing scientists one step closer to being...

Novel Imaging Technique Could Replace Biopsies in Detecting Cancer

By combining microscopy with algorithms that can differentiate between healthy and malignant tissues from images, researchers have recently created a novel tool for cancer...
brain implant

Controlling Brain Activity with a Bluetooth Implant and Smartphone

A research team from the United States and Korea has recently created a small brain implant that is controlled by a smartphone and can manipulate...

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