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NASA Twins Study: Human Health Can be ‘Mostly Sustained’ For a Year in Space

NASA Twins Study: Human Health Can be ‘Mostly Sustained’ For a Year in Space

Human health can be largely maintained for a year in spaceflight, according to researchers of the NASA Twins Study, published in Science.

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Top Applications of 3D Printing in the Medical Industry

3D printing is an emerging field that is reshaping many industries, including healthcare. From assistive devices and prosthetics to cell derived tissues and replacement...
3d printing

Researchers 3D Print a Fully Vascularized Heart for the First Time

Tel Aviv researchers have recently created the world’s first 3D printed heart with vascularization using a patient’s own cells and other organic materials. These...

First U.S. Cancer Patients Treated with CRISPR Gene-Editing Therapy

Patients have been treated in the U.S. using CRISPR gene-editing for the first time, with a University of Pennsylvania study utilizing the technique in...

How AI Has Impacted Global Healthcare

In this DocWire review, we analyze four use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in the global healthcare space. These cases were recently included in...

Top 5 Uses of Virtual Reality (VR) in Healthcare

Below are the top stories from DocWire News regarding applications of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare. Innovations included in this review use VR to...

Novel CRISPR-Cas3 Genetic Editing Holds Potential in Curing Disease

A new gene editing system, called CRISPR-Cas3 has been developed by a group of researchers that that can erase long DNA stretches from sites...
3d printed

Using Ultrasound to Align Cells in 3D Printed Tissue

Researchers from North Carolina State University recently developed a technique that uses ultrasound to align cells in 3D bioprinted gels. Using this method, the...

First Child is Born After Robot-Assisted Uterine Transplant

This week, a baby was born after the world’s first successful robot-assisted uterine transplantation. The birth was achieved via planned cesarean section and all...

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