Atherosclerotic Disease
Atherosclerotic Disease
Rob DillardPreventive Cardiology | July 8, 2024
Researchers developed an at-home questionnaire test that quickly identifies people at high risk of heart attack.
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Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 8, 2024
People with heart disease could benefit from a low-sodium diet but, on average, consume twice the recommended amount of salt.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
US veterans have a disproportionately high risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and a low adherence to LLT.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
Older firefighters may have more thrombotic risk factors that contribute to a higher risk of coronary heart disease.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
Distinct variations of coronary artery calcium-derived coronary artery heart disease exist among retired NFL players.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
A remote, algorithm-based program is effective at helping patients achieve optimal LDL-C levels for at least 12 months.
Rob DillardHypertension | January 29, 2024
More than half of adults in the United States don't know that heart disease is the leading cause of death nationwide.
Dr. Marc BonacaCardiology | December 5, 2023
Dr. Marc Bonaca discusses the VOYAGER PAD study, which showed the efficacy of rivaroxaban in lower extremity PAD.
Dr. Eugenia AllevaAHA 2023 | November 30, 2023
Dr. Eugenia Alleva discusses a study that found women with dysmenorrhea have increased cardiovascular risk.
Dr. Ijeoma EleazuAHA 2023 | November 21, 2023
Dr. Ijeoma Eleazu talks about the harmful impact of cumulative stress on cardiovascular health.
Dr. James MinAHA 2023 | November 16, 2023
James K. Min, MD, founder and CEO of Cleerly, talks about improved screening for heart disease using a digital care platform.
Rob DillardAHA 2023 | November 10, 2023
Elevated lipoprotein(a) increases the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events independent of ASCVD risk scores.
Rob DillardTCT 2023 | October 24, 2023
Researchers analyzed the long-term impact of TAVR on coronary arteries and cardiac hemodynamics.
Rob DillardAtherosclerotic Disease | October 16, 2023
A cardio-oncology rehabilitation program can benefit cancer survivors at high risk of cardiovascular disease.
Rob DillardDepression | October 10, 2023
A new study linked depression with cardiovascular disease-related and all-cause mortality.
Rob DillardAtherosclerotic Disease | October 6, 2023
Low muscle mass is linked to a 2-fold risk of death from cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes.
CardioNerdsCardioNerds | September 22, 2023
The CardioNerds correspondents Drs. Amo-Tweneboah and Nedadur preview the CLE Care of Aortic Disease Symposium.
Rob DillardAtherosclerotic Disease | September 21, 2023
A study found that long-term health-related quality of life is high among survivors of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
Rob DillardESC Congress 2023 | August 29, 2023
Feeling safe from crime is linked to a lower risk of premature death and heart attack.
Dr. Alaa DiabCardioNerds | August 7, 2023
Researchers analyzed the relationship between lipoprotein and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
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