Rob DillardISA 2024 | May 24, 2024
Frailty is an important consideration for patients with amyloid transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis, who are often elderly.
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Rob DillardISA 2024 | May 24, 2024
Patients with transthyretin amyloidosis with or without cardiac involvement have a particular intestinal microbiome profile.
Rob DillardISA 2024 | May 24, 2024
Ongoing occupational therapy is fundamentally important for patients following a variant transthyretin amyloidosis diagnosis.
Rob DillardISA 2024 | May 24, 2024
The use of artificial intelligence-powered medical record data is effective in the early detection of systemic amyloidosis.
Dr. Hemal GadaInterventional Cardiology | May 21, 2024
Dr. Hemal Gada discusses the Optimize PRO FX addendum study, which demonstrated the efficacy of the Evolut TAVR system.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | May 21, 2024
Heart failure patients who are vaccinated against COVID-19 have a considerably greater likelihood of living longer.
CardioNerdsCardioNerds | May 20, 2024
The CardioNerds conference scholars discuss the upcoming Critical Care Cardiology Education Summit.
Rob DillardESMO Breast Cancer 2024 | May 15, 2024
Breast cancer patients have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease compared with the general female population.
Rob DillardStroke | May 14, 2024
A simple blood test may allow physicians to better screen for patients at higher risk of stroke and cognitive decline.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | May 13, 2024
Patients with heart failure who practiced yoga demonstrated notably greater improvements in heart structure and function.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | May 10, 2024
Intensive antihypertensive treatment attenuated the risk of CVD associated with hypertension in women with T2D.
Rob DillardStroke | May 7, 2024
Children with high blood pressure are more likely to develop serious heart conditions, including stroke and heart attack.
Rob DillardSleep Disorders | May 7, 2024
Sleep alterations occur with considerable frequency in chronic stroke patients and can lead to worse outcomes.
Rob DillardStroke | May 2, 2024
A brief episode of anger triggered by a past experience has the potential to increase the risk of stroke.
Rob DillardESC Preventive Cardiology 2024 | April 29, 2024
Women with cardiovascular disease are treated with cholesterol-lowering therapies less often than men.
Rob DillardESC Preventive Cardiology 2024 | April 26, 2024
Climbing stairs is associated with improved heart health and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
Rob DillardESC Preventive Cardiology 2024 | April 26, 2024
Air pollution is linked to stress and depression, and as a result, it puts middle-aged adults at risk of dying from CVD.
Rob DillardAtrial Fibrillation | April 25, 2024
People who are exposed to even small amounts of secondhand smoke have a greater risk of developing atrial fibrillation.
Rob DillardPreventive Cardiology | April 24, 2024
Good heart health is linked to less cognitive decline among middle-aged Black women.
Dr. Raymond TownsendPreventive Cardiology | April 23, 2024
Dr. Townsend details the science behind aldosterone, the hormone that regulates sodium and helps regulate blood pressure.
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