Kidney Transplantation
Kidney Transplantation
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Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | September 20, 2023
Those ≥65 years of age with graft failure had a lower chance of being listed for repeat kidney transplantation.
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Victoria SochaDiabetes and Hypertension | September 18, 2023
A report on outcomes of kidney transplant recipients treated with SGLT2 inhibitors.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | August 31, 2023
The most common primary renal disease in patients initiating renal replacement therapy is diabetes.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | August 24, 2023
There may be an association between long-term prescription opioid use and an increased risk of death and graft loss.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | July 31, 2023
California is one of only a few states to use state funds to provide maintenance dialysis to undocumented immigrants.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | July 31, 2023
There was no statistical difference between the groups with and without IDD in the rates of postoperative adverse outcomes.
Kevin LonginoKidney Transplantation | July 31, 2023
NKF applauds both the Senate and House for their leadership and unanimous support on this issue.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | June 22, 2023
Over 70,883 patient-years of follow-up, there were 551 parathyroidectomies.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | June 22, 2023
Thirty-seven percent of recipients experienced delayed graft function/
Victoria SochaCOVID-19 and Kidney Disease | May 15, 2023
Results of a study of adult kidney transplant recipients at a single transplant center who were diagnosed with COVID-19.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | April 27, 2023
In kidney transplantation, the mismatch in the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system between the donor and recipient ...
Victoria SochaNKF Spring Clinical Meetings 2023 | April 14, 2023
Up to 38% of patients with end-stage renal disease experience cognitive impairment. The risk for developing ...
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | April 13, 2023
Patients being evaluated for kidney transplant routinely undergo screening for coronary heart disease (CHD). Testing, ...
Victoria SochaNKF Spring Clinical Meetings 2023 | April 11, 2023
While the preferred modality for kidney failure treatment is kidney transplant, most patients initiate dialysis prior to ...
Victoria SochaNephrology Times | March 27, 2023
Currently in the United States there are more than 500,000 patients with kidney failure on dialysis. The preferred ...
Victoria SochaCOVID-19 and Kidney Disease | March 6, 2023
Yorg Al Azzi, MD, and colleagues at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York, conducted an analysis to examine the ...
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | March 6, 2023
A major public challenge in the United States is the ongoing shortage of organs available for transplant. In January ...
Victoria SochaCOVID-19 and Kidney Disease | February 6, 2023
Recipients of kidney transplantation who contract COVID-19 are at increased risk of mortality, with an incidence of ...
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | December 13, 2022
Among recipients of kidney transplantation, adherence to prescribed medication is key in graft survival as well as in ...
Victoria SochaDiabetes and Hypertension | December 8, 2022
Previous studies have shown that the use of sodium glucose linked transporter inhibitors (SGLT-2i) in nontransplant ...
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