Kidney Transplantation
Kidney Transplantation
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Charlotte RobinsonAnemia and Kidney Disease | May 21, 2024
Anemia and iron metabolism disorders can affect the evaluation process for kidney transplantation.
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Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | May 14, 2024
Public benefit corporation 34 Lives made its first successful rescue of a human kidney regarded as unusable.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | May 10, 2024
A group of kidney care experts proposed a new transplant-inclusive value-based care model to better incentivize transplant.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | May 9, 2024
The HHS has proposed a new mandatory model to increase access to kidney transplants, beginning January 1, 2025.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | May 9, 2024
Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the CXCL10 testing service to help in the management of kidney transplant patients.
Victoria SochaCOVID-19 and Kidney Disease | May 7, 2024
In kidney and liver transplant recipients, steroids and mycophenolic acid were associated with COVID-19 hospitalization risk.
Victoria SochaCOVID-19 and Kidney Disease | May 3, 2024
A study reported on dual-drug resistance in a kidney transplant patient who received sotrovimab and remdesivir for COVID-19.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | May 23, 2024
A New Jersey woman with heart and kidney failure received a genetically engineered pig kidney and a mechanical heart pump.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | April 23, 2024
There are few data on whether the survival benefit of kidney transplantation is different for men and women. 
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | April 22, 2024
American Society of Nephrology leaders met with Congress to urge increased funding to support organ transplantation.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | April 16, 2024
Few data are available on the association between primary kidney disease and donor relatedness with transplant outcomes.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | April 11, 2024
Researchers compared the overall and site-specific risk of fracture among living kidney donors.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | March 28, 2024
The FDA granted Orphan Drug Designation for felzartamab to treat antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplant recipients.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | May 20, 2024
The EnAKT LKD trial was designed to target barriers preventing eligible patients from receiving a kidney transplant.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | March 25, 2024
Kidney transplant recipients are living longer, and their transplanted kidneys are lasting longer, researchers said.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | March 21, 2024
A Boston area man became the first to receive a genetically modified pig kidney via transplant.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | March 12, 2024
Authorities are investigating whether several nonprofit organ procurement organizations defrauded the US government.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | March 12, 2024
Studies have suggested physical activity has beneficial effects on health-related outcomes in kidney transplant patients.
Victoria SochaKidney Transplantation | March 7, 2024
Researchers examined racial differences in rates of living donor kidney transplant, including center characteristics.
Charlotte RobinsonKidney Transplantation | March 4, 2024
The FDA gave orphan drug designation to UNI-494 for the prevention of delayed graft function in kidney transplant patients.
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