Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBAHealthcare Unfiltered | June 14, 2024
Ronald Chapman, LLM, joins Dr. Chadi Nabhan to discuss the world of health care law.
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Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBAHealthcare Unfiltered | April 23, 2024
Dr. Chadi Nabhan delves into the realm of AI and its impact on drug development with Dr. Adam Petrich.
Dr. Edo-Abasi McGeeCOVID-19 | February 1, 2024
Edo-Abasi McGee, PharmD, BCPS, joins the Pharmacy Podcast Network to discuss ways to reduce vaccine hesitancy.
Dr. Ravina KullarPharmacology | January 3, 2024
Dr. Ravina Kullar talks about the importance of remaining vigilant against COVID-19 and staying up to date with vaccinations.
The Fellow on CallThe Fellow on Call | December 19, 2023
The Fellow on Call team provides a nuanced overview of the individual chemotherapy agents used in the clinical setting.
Michael NavinPharmacology | December 4, 2023
Michael Navin, founder and CEO of Peek, talks about his company, which revolutionizes shopping for prescription drugs.
The Fellow on CallThe Fellow on Call | November 28, 2023
The Fellow on Call group discusses the fundamentals of chemotherapy, including basic terminology, optimal dosing, and more.
Pharmacy Podcast NetworkPharmacology | November 14, 2023
Dr. Mak Amin spoke with Pharmacy Podcast Network founder and CEO, Todd Eury, about his "Superman" vaccine initiative.
Rob DillardTCT 2023 | October 24, 2023
A combination therapy of a statin and ezetimibe significantly reduces cardiovascular events in patients undergoing PCI.
Healthcare UnfilteredHealthcare Unfiltered | November 17, 2023
FDA Commissioner Robert Califf details his career path and discusses drug shortages, especially as they relate to cancer.
Rob DillardPharmacology | August 31, 2023
Narcan, a drug used to reverse opioid overdose, will be available over the counter in retail stores as soon as next week.
Rob DillardPharmacology | August 30, 2023
The Biden administration unveiled a list of 10 medications that will be subject to Medicare price negotiations.
Rebecca AraujoGI Cancer | August 22, 2023
A study investigated whether BMI is related to postoperative opioid use after treatment for peritoneal carcinomatosis.
The Fellow on CallThe Fellow on Call | June 29, 2023
Dr. Danielle Roman joins The Fellow on Call group to discuss pharmacology advancements in breast cancer.
Healthcare UnfilteredHealthcare Unfiltered | September 25, 2023
Dr. Stacie Dusetzina covers all things related to pharmacy benefit managers.
Rob DillardVideos | April 27, 2023
In this interview, DocWire News spoke with Ramy Mahmoud, MD, MPH, President and Chief Operating Officer of Optinose, a ...
Rob DillardVideos | April 27, 2023
Clarivate and BioWorld have recently released the Biopharma Deals Report. The report covers emerging market trends in ...
Rob DillardVideos | April 27, 2023
Tonix Pharmaceuticals is focused of developing novel therapies to both treat and prevent central nervous system ...
Rob DillardVideos | August 1, 2023
Trust is essential for helping patients of all ages with chronic pain have productive conversations about pain ...
Kaitlyn D’OnofrioOncology | April 11, 2023
The widespread use of cancer drugs approved by the FDA in 2018 would result in a significant increase in cancer drug ...
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