Mental Health
Mental Health
Rob DillardASCO 2024 | May 30, 2024
Patients with head and neck cancer have increased rates of suicide compared with patients with other cancers.
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Rebecca AraujoMental Health | May 9, 2024
Xanomeline-trospium chloride is effective and well tolerated in patients with schizophrenia experiencing acute psychosis.
Rob DillardMental Health | May 8, 2024
Striving to be a "perfect" parent creates burnout, which can lead to anxiety and stress, for both parents and their children.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 5, 2024
People with certain gene traits and those who have anxiety or depression have a significantly higher risk of heart attack.
Rebecca AraujoMental Health | March 21, 2024
Patients with self-reported mental health disorders demonstrated a low frequency of oral hygiene behaviors.
Rob DillardDiabetes | January 5, 2024
Semaglutide, used to treat diabetes and obesity, does not increase the risk of suicidal ideation, despite previous reports.
Rebecca AraujoMental Health | November 10, 2023
A study evaluated the efficacy of psychotherapies for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder in adults.
Patrick DalyADHD | August 23, 2023
Symptom burden, gender, and social functioning were factors that increased suicidal spectrum behaviors in patients with ADHD.
Dr. Kendra OutlerMental Health | July 19, 2023
Dr. Kendra Outler talks about disparities in mental health care access and awareness in the Black community.
Payal Kohli, MD, FACCPreventive Cardiology | June 27, 2023
Dr. Payal Kohli talks about the how mental health impacts cardiovascular health, and vice versa.
Rebecca AraujoRheumatology | June 2, 2023
A study reported an increased psychiatric morbidity burden in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
Rob DillardMental Health | June 29, 2023
A surgeon general advisory warns that social media may be harmful for youth mental health.
Rob DillardMental Health | May 12, 2023
Dr. Chizimuzo "Zim" Okoli to discuss the role and importance of Psychiatric-Mental Health nurses.
Rob DillardMental Health | May 11, 2023
A study finds that children who come from parents battling mental health conditions have a higher risk of somatic morbidity.
Rob DillardMental Health | April 10, 2023
Children who grow up seeing their mothers experience intimate partner violence (IPV) or depressive symptoms have poorer ...
Rob DillardMental Health | April 27, 2023
Music therapy has been around for years, however, there is still a major shortage of professionals in the field. An ...
Rob DillardMental Health | April 7, 2023
A new study suggests that physical activity and exercise capacity of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ...
Cailin ConnerFuture of Medicine | April 10, 2023
With the launch of large-scale projects like Metaverse, virtual reality (VR) has skyrocketed into the spotlight as a ...
Patrick DalyMental Health | May 2, 2023
Published studies have shown that mental disorders are common risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (CVD); however, ...
DocWire News EditorsACC 2022 Conference | April 7, 2023
Heart failure (HF) involves significant functional impairment and complex treatment plans, and patients “often need ...
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