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Cailin ConnerMultiple Sclerosis | May 24, 2023
A study sought to assess the mechanisms contributing to cognitive decline in MS.
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Cailin ConnerAsthma | May 17, 2023
Researchers found that children with pets such as indoor cats or dogs during their early infancy have less food allergies.
Cailin ConnerHealth & Wellness | May 12, 2023
Menopause has a significant effect on a woman’s endocrine, cardiovascular, skeletal, immune, and genitourinary systems.
Cailin ConnerGout | May 11, 2023
A prospective cohort study found that ultra-processed food consumption is associated with a higher risk of gout.
Cailin ConnerGout | May 11, 2023
A study conducted in South Korea found that dual smoking may contribute to high serum uric acid levels in adults.
Cailin ConnerGout | May 11, 2023
High levels of uric acid were linked to increased health care costs and greater risk of complications.
Cailin ConnerGout | May 11, 2023
Researchers from the Columbia VA Health Care System analyzed patient outcomes related to gout treatment across the world.
Cailin ConnerGout | May 11, 2023
There has been a substantial increase in the annual incidence and prevalence for gout in young adults globally.
Cailin ConnerAI | May 3, 2023
A recent study investigated the factors underlying individual differences in cybersickness susceptibility.
Cailin ConnerSleep Disorders | March 15, 2023
Getting a good night's sleep is already known to be essential for maintaining overall health; however, according to a ...
Cailin ConnerNephrology Times | March 11, 2023
In the 30-day period following consultation or hospitalization for gout flares, a transient increase in the rate of ...
Cailin ConnerSleep Disorders | January 18, 2023
Postmenopausal women with erratic sleep schedules are up to 70% more likely to experience significant depressive ...
Cailin ConnerHeart Failure | October 12, 2022
A common comorbidity in heart failure (HF) patients is gout. Moreover, gout is associated with significantly higher ...