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Rob DillardPreventive Cardiology | April 22, 2024
The AHA and NFL are challenging kids to stay physically active in order to support their physical and mental health.
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Rob DillardADHD | April 18, 2024
A promising new approach may identify structural differences in the brains of those with autism spectrum disorder.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | April 18, 2024
According to a study, more patients with AFib are likely to experience heart failure rather than stroke or heart attack.
Rob DillardAtrial Fibrillation | April 16, 2024
Treating gum disease soon after catheter ablation to correct atrial fibrillation may lower the risk of recurrence.
Rob DillardBreast Cancer | April 15, 2024
Soft tumor environments can cause triple-negative breast cancer to spread more aggressively.
Rob DillardHIV | April 15, 2024
A lack of the small protein interferon-β can compromise brain function in patients with HIV.
Rob DillardADHD | April 12, 2024
Prenatal cannabis use disorder increases the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism and ADHD, in children.
Rob DillardHead and Neck Cancer | April 12, 2024
The use of a 3D variable flip angle mapping technique is effective in patients with head and neck cancer undergoing CRT.
Rob DillardGynecologic Cancer | April 10, 2024
A blood-based machine learning assay may be able to differentiate patients with ovarian cancer from healthy patients.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 9, 2024
Physical inactivity was significantly correlated with worse cardiometabolic risk in a large ambulatory patient population.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 9, 2024
A machine learning-powered analysis of Google Street View shows how environment impacts risk of major adverse cardiac events.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 8, 2024
People with heart disease could benefit from a low-sodium diet but, on average, consume twice the recommended amount of salt.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 8, 2024
People who sleep fewer than 7 hours per night have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure over time.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 8, 2024
Plant-based diets, when used as an alternative to red meat, may reduce cardiovascular disease risk.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 5, 2024
People with certain gene traits and those who have anxiety or depression have a significantly higher risk of heart attack.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
Researchers assessed the impact of 4 diet programs—vegan, Mediterranean, Paleolithic, and DASH—on cardiovascular risk.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
US veterans have a disproportionately high risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and a low adherence to LLT.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
Older firefighters may have more thrombotic risk factors that contribute to a higher risk of coronary heart disease.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
Distinct variations of coronary artery calcium-derived coronary artery heart disease exist among retired NFL players.
Rob DillardACC 2024 | April 4, 2024
A remote, algorithm-based program is effective at helping patients achieve optimal LDL-C levels for at least 12 months.