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Rob DillardAtherosclerotic Disease | September 21, 2023
A study found that long-term health-related quality of life is high among survivors of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
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Duke Han, PhDDementia | September 20, 2023
Duke Han, PhD, and Laura Fenton, a doctoral student, describe a study that shows the impact of cognitive impairment.
Rob DillardLung Cancer | September 19, 2023
Following new protocols allows for many lung cancer patients to leave the hospital 1 day after surgery.
Rob DillardNon-Small Cell Lung Cancer | September 19, 2023
The combination of durvalumab plus concurrent radiotherapy shows promising in treating NSCLC.
Dr. Fahar MerchantOncology | September 18, 2023
Dr. Fahar Merchant, president and CEO of Medicenna, talks about a promising therapy for combating recurrent glioblastoma.
Rob DillardLung Adenocarcinoma | September 17, 2023
Three patient case reports showed that osimertinib is a promising and viable treatment option for lung cancer with bone mets.
Rob DillardNon-Small Cell Lung Cancer | September 17, 2023
A study assessed the link between osimertinib and VEGF expression in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.
Rob DillardNon-Small Cell Lung Cancer | September 17, 2023
Osimertinib treatment was safe and effective in patients with advanced small-cell lung cancer treated amid the pandemic.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 15, 2023
The combination of pembrolizumab and lenvatinib did not improve survival in metastatic CRC.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 14, 2023
The FRESCO-2 study showed that fruquintinib resulted in an overall survival benefit in metastatic colorectal cancer.
Dr. Ross CampbellHeart Failure | September 14, 2023
Dr. Ross Campbell discusses the OPERA-AI study results and how AI can be used to diagnose heart failure.
Cathy Eng, MD, FACP, FASCOColorectal Cancer | September 13, 2023
Dr. Eng discusses the phase 3 FRESCO-2 study and how fruquintinib fits in with current treatments for advanced CRC.
Rob DillardDementia | September 13, 2023
Findings from a recent study suggest that racial disparities exist in the presentation of frontotemporal dementia.
Rob DillardPNH | September 8, 2023
The U.S. FDA has accepted a Biologics License Application for a novel drug to treat paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.
Rob DillardHeart Failure | September 6, 2023
Atrial fibrillation ablation is linked to lower rates of mortality and a decreased need for LVAD compared with therapy.
Rob DillardColorectal Cancer | September 5, 2023
The rate of colorectal cancer (CRC) screenings decreased by more than 20% during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Rob DillardPancreatic Cancer | August 31, 2023
Results from a recent study suggest a novel therapy that may effectively treat pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
Rob DillardPharmacology | August 31, 2023
Narcan, a drug used to reverse opioid overdose, will be available over the counter in retail stores as soon as next week.
Kimberly BrownellNeurology | August 31, 2023
Kimberly Brownell, CCC-SLP, talks about the importance of speech and language pathologists.
Rob DillardPharmacology | August 30, 2023
The Biden administration unveiled a list of 10 medications that will be subject to Medicare price negotiations.