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Rebecca AraujoHypertension | November 30, 2023
The use of ADHD medications may be linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
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Rebecca AraujoRheumatoid Arthritis | November 27, 2023
Having multiple risk factors for cardiovascular disease may increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis treatment failure.
Rebecca AraujoNon-Small Cell Lung Cancer | November 17, 2023
In patients with metastatic nonsquamous NSCLC, pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy showed clinical efficacy.
Rebecca AraujoBreast Cancer | November 16, 2023
For patients with breast cancer, a regimen of epirubicin followed by adjuvant chemotherapy is associated with worse QOL.
Rebecca AraujoDementia | November 15, 2023
Treatment with brexpiprazole led to a significant improvement in agitation for patients with dementia due to AD.
Rebecca AraujoMental Health | November 10, 2023
A study evaluated the efficacy of psychotherapies for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder in adults.
Rebecca AraujoRheumatoid Arthritis | November 9, 2023
Recent safety data significantly impacted prescribing practices for advanced RA therapies among physicians treating veterans.
Rebecca AraujoADHD | November 6, 2023
Younger children with ADHD aren't more likely to have their diagnosis disconfirmed over time than children diagnosed older.
Rebecca AraujoRheumatology | November 3, 2023
For adults with lupus nephritis, this specific treatment combination improves total remission rate better than others.
Rebecca AraujoDepression | October 27, 2023
Barriers persist in the implementation of universal routine screening for major depressive disorder in adolescents.
Rebecca AraujoHepatocellular Carcinoma | October 25, 2023
Atezolizumab plus bevacizumab improves recurrence-free survival in patients with resected or ablated high-risk HCC.
Rebecca AraujoRheumatology | October 24, 2023
Bimekizumab demonstrated sustained efficacy for the treatment of active axial spondyloarthritis through 52 weeks.
Rebecca AraujoEpilepsy | October 20, 2023
A novel potassium channel opener was well-tolerated and reduced seizures in patients with focal-onset seizures.
Rebecca AraujoHepatocellular Carcinoma | October 19, 2023
TACE in combination with TKIs and ICIs led to improvements in response and survival in patients with HCC.
Rebecca AraujoUnresectable HCC | October 5, 2023
A study sought to understand the prognostic ability of 2 angiogenesis mediators to predict poor response to TACE in HCC.
Rebecca AraujoUnresectable HCC | October 5, 2023
A study evaluated predictors of liver segmental hypertrophy following radiotherapy for metastatic liver cancer.
Rebecca AraujoUnresectable HCC | October 5, 2023
A treatment combination significantly improved survival for the treatment of HCC in patients who are refractory to TACE.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | October 3, 2023
A study evaluated 6 clinical trials of HER2-targeted regimens of HER2-positive metastatic colorectal cancer.
Rebecca AraujoHepatocellular Carcinoma | September 25, 2023
A study assessed the efficacy of of several adjuvant therapies for hepatocellular carcinoma.
Rebecca AraujoColorectal Cancer | September 22, 2023
A study assessed whether the addition of anti-VEGF agent to first-line treatment impacted outcomes in metastatic CRC.