DocWire News interviews Sonya Noor, MD, FACS, a vascular surgeon, and is the medical director of endovascular services at the Gates Vascular Institute. Dr. Noor also serves as Medical Director of AccessCare and is a managing partner at BEVSA Practice. In this interview, Dr. Noor talks about the latest in venous thromboembolism (VTE), perspectives from private practice, and how COVID-19 has impacted her practice and her vision of patient care.

“We’re going really to an endovascular revolution, especially on the venous side,” Dr. Noor remarks in one interview segment. “For the longest time, we just worked on the arterial side (stroke, myocardial infarction, arterial disease with PAD, and acute limb ischemia). […] Really in the last three to four years, there’s been a revolution, and I say the word “revolution,” because truly now there are dedicated devices that are made for the venous side, and also dedicated medical devices that allow us to remove clots or thrombectomy devices.”

Watch the whole interview here (running time: approx. 11:30).