Mark Carbone Discusses The Breather, a Device That Helps Patients Recover, Improve Lung Function

By Mark Carbone - Last Updated: September 11, 2023

PN Medical developed a respiratory muscle training (RMT) device called The Breather, the first drug-free device for individuals who suffer from shortness of breath, difficulties with speech and swallowing, and other complications related to respiratory muscle weakness. Four different variations of the device are available: The Breather; Breather Recover, which addresses long COVID, COPD, and asthma; Breather Fit, for individuals with an active lifestyle; and Breather Voice, for professional vocalists, speakers, and actors.

In this exclusive interview, DocWire News spoke with Mark Carbone, CEO of PN Medical, who discusses RMT and how the company’s Breather devices are helping patients worldwide improve lung, cardiac, and brain function.

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September 22, 2023