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Young couple at gym eating healthy food after exercise.

Hummus: A Smart Snack Choice for Adults

Although the healthfulness of snacking remains unclear, many American adults include snacking as a significant part of their diet. A study examined the effects...
Top view of wholegrain and cereal composition shot on rustic wooden table. This type of food is rich of fiber and is ideal for dieting. The composition includes wholegrain sliced bread, wholegrain pasta, oat flakes, flax seed, brown rice, mixed beans, wholegrain crackers and spelt. Predominant color is brown.

Carbohydrates: Do Quality, Quantity Affect Endometrial Cancer Risk?

Studies on the correlation between total dietary carbohydrate intake as well as dietary glycemic index and glycemic load and endometrial cancer risk have reported...
Swapping Plant Proteins for Red Meat Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Patient Factors to Consider for Optimal Protein Intake

The recommended protein intake is at least 0.8 g/kg body weight per day. For older adults who are at risk for frailty, disability, and...

This Diet May Be Beneficial for Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Researchers recently examined the impact of a popular diet on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients and found adherence to it significantly reduced malnutrition-related parameters...
Malnutrition Is Common at Hospital Admission and Pre-Discharge

Malnutrition Is Common at Hospital Admission and Pre-Discharge

Dutch hospitals screen patients for malnutrition upon admission but not at follow-up or before discharge. A study examined the prevalence of malnutrition among patients...
Diner: Artificial sweeteners Caddy

No-Calorie Sweetener Curbs Appetite, Reduces Energy

Stevia is a zero-calorie sweetener option. Previous research of zero-calorie sweeteners found that they reduce available energy. However, it has not been determined how...
CKD complications

Does Food Outlet Availability Influence Diet in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease?

Diet plays a large role in managing chronic kidney disease (CKD) and preventing related comorbidities. A study examined the effect of local food environment...
keto diet

‘Keto Flu’: Symptoms Presenting During the Beginning of a Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet (KD), which has gained a recent surge in popularity, focuses on consuming higher levels of fat and lower levels of carbohydrates....
Get Your Steps In! Higher Daily Step Count Decreases Mortality Risk

Get Your Steps In! Higher Daily Step Count Decreases Mortality Risk

Dust off your FitBit: a new study found a correlation between higher daily step count and lower all-cause mortality—including cancer mortality. However, step intensity...

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