172. CCC: The Hemodynamic Evaluation of Cardiogenic Shock with Dr. Nosheen Reza

The hemodynamic evaluation of cardiogenic shock obtained via a Swan-Ganz catheter plays an essential role in the characterization of cardiogenic shock patients. Join Dr. Nosheen Reza, (Assistant Professor of Medicine and Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant cardiologist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania), episode fellow lead Dr. Brian McCauley (Interventional and Critical Care Fellow at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Mark Belkin (Cardiac Critical Care Series Co-Chair and AHFT fellow at University of Chicago), and CardioNerds Co-Founders, Amit Goyal and Dan Ambinder, for this tour through the heart aboard the Swan-Ganz catheter. In this episode, we evaluate three separate admissions for a single patient to highlight pearls regarding waveform assessment, evaluating cardiac output, phenotyping hemodynamic profiles, targeted therapies based on hemodynamics and so much more. Episode introduction and audio editing by Dr. Gurleen Kaur (Director of the CardioNerds Internship).

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Pearls and Quotes – Hemodynamic Evaluation of Cardiogenic Shock

* Swan-Ganz catheters are not dead #ReviveTheSwan! They remain a useful tool to characterize cardiac patients & to help direct therapy, especially in Cardiogenic Shock.* When looking at Swan-Ganz catheter data, it is important to always interpret your own tracings,