Rob DillardHypertension | January 19, 2024
Young adults with high levels of stress during their teenage years are more likely to have cardiometabolic risk factors.
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Rob DillardDiabetes | January 5, 2024
Semaglutide, used to treat diabetes and obesity, does not increase the risk of suicidal ideation, despite previous reports.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | December 21, 2023
A study investigated whether SGLT2 inhibitors could protect against diabetic retinopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | December 19, 2023
A study described changes in antidiabetic medication use after the start of second-line therapy in patients with T2D.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | November 15, 2023
Women who get insufficient sleep have impaired insulin sensitivity, irrespective of adiposity.
Rob DillardAHA 2023 | November 11, 2023
Semaglutide reduced major CVD risk by 20% in adults with overweight or obesity, but not diabetes.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | November 7, 2023
Time-restricted eating without calorie counting is effective for weight loss and lowering hemoglobin levels in T2D.
Rob DillardAHA 2023 | November 7, 2023
Young adults with prediabetes who persistently use tobacco have triple the risk of stroke.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | November 2, 2023
Researchers found a statistically significant correlation between FAPD/OFD and gestational diabetes mellitus.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | October 26, 2023
Patients with type 1 diabetes who exhibit the presence of albuminuria have an escalated pace of brain atrophy.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | October 19, 2023
Each decade of earlier diagnosis is linked to a life expectancy reduced by 3 to 4 years for individuals with diabetes.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | October 20, 2023
According to a of 198 children with type 1 diabetes, there was a significant incidence of skin reactions.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | October 16, 2023
Study findings supported the recommendation of a 70% time in range for pregnant patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | October 16, 2023
This study underscores the value of combining CGM with diet and activity tracking to optimize blood sugar control.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | October 16, 2023
A high prevalence of hypoglycemic episodes was observed among home-dwelling older people with diabetes.
Rob DillardAtherosclerotic Disease | October 6, 2023
Low muscle mass is linked to a 2-fold risk of death from cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes.
Rob DillardDiabetes | October 2, 2023
Performing physical activity in the morning and afternoon is linked to a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | September 20, 2023
Fully closed-loop insulin delivery with ultrarapid insulin lispro significantly improves glycemic control.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | September 20, 2023
A randomized trial found that insulin degludec offered lower nocturnal hypoglycemia risk and better glucose stability.
Cailin ConnerDiabetes | September 20, 2023
Smaller-scale studies indicate the feasibility and advantages of pharmacist-driven CGM in ambulatory care settings.
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