NCCN Updates Guidelines to Include PSMA-PET Imaging

Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited has welcome updated guidelines from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, which now includes prostate specific antigen (PSMA) positron emission tomography (PET) imaging modalities, including Galium (Ga)-68 PSMA-11. The company currently has a New Drug Application (NDA) for its investigational imaging product called Illuccix, which is a preparation kit for 68Ga-PSMA-11 injection.

Given the augmented specificity of PSMA-PET tracers, the NCCN guidelines now state that PSMA-PET/CT or PSMA-PET/MRI can serve as equally effective, if not more effective front-line imaging tools for detecting micrometastatic prostate cancer.

Dr Colin Hayward, Chief Medical Officer of Telix said, per a press release, “This is an important change to the guidelines which will influence a shift in clinical practice to consider PSMA-PET imaging as an alternative to standard imaging of bone and soft tissue for the detection of unfavorable intermediate, high and very high risk as well as recurrent prostate cancer.”

“The NCCN guidelines are considered a global standard to guide oncology practice and reimbursement. The inclusion of PSMA-PET imaging, including with Ga-68, the isotope used in our investigational imaging product Illuccix® further signals the emergence of PSMA-PET imaging as a state-of-the-art imaging modality.”

Dr Oliver Sartor, Medical Director at Tulane Cancer Center, added that: “The updated guidelines will encourage clinicians to use PSMA-PET as a primary imaging modality in patients and will deliver the benefit of a more streamlined approach. We look forward to having access to this functional form of imaging as new products come into the market.”