A Framework for Identifying Intervention for Obstructive Uropathy in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Researchers developed and validated a coding framework to identify procedures for upper tract obstructive uropathy (UTOU), a complication of advanced prostate cancer (PCa) in men with locally advanced and metastatic PCa using administrative hospital data to assess clinical outcomes. The findings were reported in BJU International.

The analysis comprised of just over 77,000 patients with newly diagnosed with PCa, and ~31,000 patients with advanced PCa who were analyzed between April 2014 and March 2019. A coding framework based on procedure (OPCS-4) and diagnostic (ICD-10) codes was developed and validated, according to the researchers, who assessed outcomes of the intervention using Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES).

According to the results, the the cumulative incidence of the use of these interventions at one, three, and five years was 2.5%, 3.6% and 4.2% in men with metastases compared to 0.5%, 0.9% and 1.4% in men with locally advanced disease. “Results demonstrated that 2% of men with locally advanced PCa and 4% of men with metastatic PCa require an intervention to resolve UTOU within 5 years of their PCa diagnosis,” the researchers wrote of the results.