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Expanding Pill With Sensors Monitors Stomach Activity For Up To A Month

MIT engineers have recently developed an ingestible smart pill that expands in the stomach to track temperature for up to a month. The pill...
sweat patch

Wearable Sweat-Sensor Informs Athletes of Water and Electrolyte Loss

A group of researchers have recently developed a waterproof, bandage-like sweat sensor that tells the wearer when to replenish electrolytes and fluids. This innovative...
cardiovascular disease

AI Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease With Accuracy Equal to Traditional Means

Machine learning may have the potential to provide a cardiovascular disease prognosis that is just as accurate as a professional’s prediction. Adoption of this...
3d printing

Aspect Biosystems Partners with MERLN to 3D Print Kidney Tissues

Aspect Biosystems, a 3D bioprinting firm, has recently partnered with Maastricht University in the Netherlands to create kidney tissue for scientific testing. Specifically, the...
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