154. Cardiology vs Nephrology: A Diuretic Showdown with Dr. Michael Felker & Dr. Matt Sparks

CardioNerdsAmit Goyal and Daniel Ambinder, join Duke University CardioNerds Ambassador and CorrespondentDr. Kelly Arps for the diuretic showdown of a lifetime. Join us for this Cardiology vs. Nephrology discussion and respective approach to volume overload and diuretic strategies with Dr. Michael Felker (Professor of Medicine with tenure in the Division of Cardiology at Duke University School of Medicine), and Dr. Matt Sparks (Founding member of the Nephrology Social Medial Collective and #NephJC and Associate Professor of Medicine and Program Director for the Nephrology Fellowship Program at Duke University School of Medicine). Episode introduction, audio editing and Approach to Diuretic Resistance infographic by Dr. Gurleen Kaur (Director of the CardioNerds Internship).

Volume overload is a common indication for hospitalization in patients with heart failure. Loop diuretics are first line therapy for volume overload in heart failure, with assessment for adequate response within 3-6 hours after administration. Elevation in creatinine is common with venous congestion as well as during decongestion. While other causes of renal injury should be considered, an elevated creatinine in this context should not automatically trigger avoidance or cessation of diuresis. Diuretic resistance is an exaggerated form of natural safety mechanisms in the face of diuresis. Strategies for addressing diuretic resistance include optimizing dose and frequency of loop diuretic administration, adding adjunctive medication for sequential nephron blockade (i.e., thiazide diuretic, potassium sparing diuretic, acetazolamide, tolvaptan, SGLT2 inhibitor), and, in refractory cases, hemodialysis with ultrafiltration. In the outpatient setting, transition to a more potent loop diuretic (i.e., torsemide or bumetanide from furosemide), addition of a mineralocorticoid antagonist, or intermittent dosing of thiazide diuretic may augment maintenance diuretic therapy for patients with diminished response to loop diuretics. 

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