What is the Future of Healthcare?

What is the Future of HealthcareTechnology has empowered healthcare providers with numerous possibilities. Healthcare globally has experienced significant changes and trends suggest that these changes will continue. Healthcare remains in a transitional stage and breakthroughs in improving access to services and patient data, as well as a transition point in the management of the diagnosis, control, and treatment of disease, according to a recent report by Accenture.

The Future of the Healthcare Landscape

Several recent industry reports have laid out the future of the healthcare landscape.

A report by Deloitte suggests that the rise of digital hospitals will be the major transition in the near future. The report identifies the specific areas of advancements within this realm as:

  • Care delivery: Centralized digital centers for continuous clinical monitoring and the use of portable devices in acute care
  • Patient experience: Improvements through digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies
  • Talent development: Use of robotic process automation and AI to reduce documentation time, allowing caregivers to have more time for providing care and improving their skills
  • Operational efficiencies: Driven by next-gen interoperability, automation, and robotics

A report by KPMG Australia identifies the following areas that will define the future of healthcare in the next decade:

  • Connected healthcare: Consumer-held EHRs and personalized health IoT, wearables, and implants
  • Hybrid workforce: Closer integration of humans, AI and robotics, rise of medical robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles
  • Enhancements: AR- and VR-based education and treatment, 3D-printed organs, implants, and medical devices

Key Focus Areas

The investment of research dollars by large corporations is expected to continue, expediting innovation in the following key areas: