Lack of Black and Minority Ethnic Nurses at Senior Level in the UK

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) nurses and midwives are underrepresented at the senior management level in the United Kingdom (UK), according to a paper published in Nurse Education in Practice.

A notable percentage of health care workers in the UK are BME, but they lack representation in positions of authority. To address this disparity, a collaborative leadership development initiative for BME nurses and midwives involving their line managers and mentors was designed and implemented in a Scottish Health Board.

The inclusivity initiative used an action research approach. Researchers assessed participants’ understanding of BME workforce development challenges and then planned and developed a targeted leadership training program.

According to the authors, an appreciable number of BME participants have gone on to achieve career progression with the support of project facilitators, line managers, and mentors. “The project has opened a new window into the world of the BME workforce,” the researchers concluded. “Findings highlight the value of a diverse workforce, and of an inclusive organizational culture being crucial for effective teamwork, and of overall benefit to workforce management. Finally, a collaborative initiative like this can successfully improve teamwork to deliver better patient care.”