Vergence Eye Movements: From Basic Science to Clinical Application – Foreword to the Special Issue

J Eye Mov Res. 2020 Mar 11;12(4):10.16910/jemr.12.4.0. doi: 10.16910/jemr.12.4.0.


The abstract book of the last European Conference on Eye Movements [1] lists abstracts of 373 presentations, but less than five percent investigate vergence eye movements, i.e. the coordination of the right and left eye. Why then a special issue on this neglected issue? Human vision under natural conditions involves both eyes in coordination controlled by interacting processes subsumed under the concept of vergence.. Further, vergence is important for people in their daily lives since disorders of vergence can have serious consequences: ophthalmologists deal with squinting patients on the basis of heterophoria and heterotropia testing, eye strain or visual complaints can be related to impaired vergence dynamic or less accurate static vergence, remediation by optometrist includes vergence training or prism eye glasses, etc.

PMID:33828745 | PMC:PMC7881834 | DOI:10.16910/jemr.12.4.0