The most commonly diagnosed and most common causes of cancer death for Māori New Zealanders

N Z Med J. 2020 Sep 4;133(1521):77-96.


Cancer is an important cause of morbidity and avoidable mortality for Māori-and substantial disparities exist in cancer incidence, mortality and survival for Māori compared to non-Māori New Zealanders. In this viewpoint, we draw together cancer incidence, mortality and survival data from the previous decade, in order to provide clarity regarding the most important causes of cancer burden for Māori. Covering the decade 2007-2016, our manuscript directly leads on from the landmark Unequal Impact II report (which covered 1996-2006), and provides the most up-to-date record of this burden as is currently possible. While focusing on the absolute burden of cancer for Māori, we also compare this burden to that experienced by non-Māori, and consider how this relative disparity may (or may not) have changed over time. Finally, we discuss how to reduce the occurrence and the overall cancer mortality burden for Māori, with a focus on those cancers that confer the greatest burden.