PARADIGM: The Effect of Statins on Coronary Atherosclerosis Plaques

Statins were linked with the slower overall progression of coronary atherosclerosis volume, results from a new study suggested. Researchers for the prospective PARADIGM looked at consecutive patients without history of coronary artery disease who underwent serial coronary computed tomography angiography to analyze plaque composition (n=1,255).  

The researchers evaluated a total of 1,079 coronary artery lesions in statin-naïve patients and in patients taking statins. Patients taking statins demonstrated slower overall percent atheroma volume progression (P=0.002), but also a more rapidly progressing calcified percent atheroma volume as well (P<0.001). They also reported lower progression of noncalcified percent atheroma volume and annual high-risk plaque in patients on statins (P<0.001). Statins were also associated with a reduction (21%) in annualized total percent atheroma volume progression above the median and a reduction (35%) in high-risk plaque development.  

“Statins did not affect the progression of percentage of stenosis severity of coronary artery lesions but induced phenotypic plaque transformation,” the researchers added.

Source: JACC Cardiovascular Imaging