Enhancing COVID-19 vaccination coverage using financial incentives: arguments to help health providers counterbalance erroneous claims

Epidemiol Health. 2021 Oct 6:e2021081. doi: 10.4178/epih.e2021081. Online ahead of print.


Financial reimbursements after having received the COVID-19 vaccine have been criticized in the literature. This strategy has been described as payment to receive the vaccines, undue inducement and unethical. We are aware that health care workers who work in primary health care, prevention and public health may encounter similar reasons from people who refuse vaccination against COVID-19. Because of this, we are compelled to clarify these claims and provide arguments for all health care workers who might be challenged by such reasoning. In this critical review, discuss why claims against financial incentives in literature are erroneous.

PMID:34645203 | DOI:10.4178/epih.e2021081