Adult Survivors of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers Often Suffer Financial Hardship

Adult survivors of adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancers face considerable financial hardship, according to a study published in  JNCI: The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

According to the results, adult AYA survivors were more likely to report material and behavioral financial hardship, and were more likely to report a greater magnitude juxtaposed to their non-cancer counterparts.


“Multiple aspects of financial hardship associated with a cancer diagnosis may last for many years for survivors of AYA cancers,” said Zhiyuan “Jason” Zheng, Ph.D., via a press release.

The authors stated: “Healthcare providers can help support increased awareness and assessment of financial hardship, as well as subsequent connection to existing financial and vocational assistance/support services. State and federal policies may have a broader impact through implementation of provisions of the Affordable Care Act in increasing insurance coverage options including affordability and accessibility.”