Expression of miR-1-3p, miR-16-5p and miR-122-5p as Possible Risk Factors of Secondary Cardiovascular Events

Ischemic event in one arterial territory increases the risk of a subsequent ischemic event. Circulating microRNAs (miRs) emerge as a potential clinical tool to assess risk of subsequent atherothrombotic events such as cardiovascular death (CVD), myocardial infarction (MI) and ischemic stroke (IS). In this prospective study, we searched for athero-specific miRs related to cardiovascular event risk in patients with symptomatic coronary, carotid lesion, or both territories involvements. The choice of particular miRs was based on database research (Pub-Med, Bethesda, MD, USA) taking into consideration the relationship with development of atherosclerosis and potential prognostic value. Levels of circulating miRs (miR-1-3p, miR-16-5p, miR-34a-5p, mir-122-5p, miR-124-3p, miR-133a-3p, miR-133b, miR-134-5p, miR-208b-3p, miR-375 and miR-499-5p) were compared in 142 patients with an acute ischemic event resulting from carotid and/or coronary artery stenosis, who underwent revascularization for symptomatic lesion. A 6-year prospective evaluation of CVD/MI/IS risk was performed. Patients with two-territory as compared to single-territory involvement differed in levels of miR-1-3p (p = 0.016), miR-16-5p (p < 0.001), miR-34a-5p (p = 0.018), miR-122-5p (p = 0.007), miR-124-3p (p < 0.001) and miR-499-5p (p < 0.001). During follow-up, 62 (43.7%) episodes of CVD/MI/IS occurred. In multivariate Cox analysis, miR-122-5p (HR = 1.0006, 95%CI = 1.0001-1.0011) and peripheral artery disease (PAD) (HR = 2.16, 95%CI = 1.26-3.70) were associated with CVD/MI/IS risk; miR-1-3p (HR = 2.73, 95%CI = 1.22-6.12) and PAD (HR = 3.47, 95%CI = 1.88-6.41) with CVD; miR-122-5p (HR = 1.0001, 95%CI = 1.000-1.0002) and creatinine level (HR = 1.02, 95%CI = 1.01-1.04) with IS, and miR-16-5p (HR = 1.0004, 95%CI = 1.0001-1.0008) with MI. Expression of miR-1-3p, miR-16-5p and miR-122-5p during incident ischemia may be possible risk factors of secondary cardiovascular event(s).