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Corticosteroid Injections for Osteoarthritis Can Cause Joint Damage

Corticosteroid injections, often given to treat osteoarthritis pain in the shoulder, hip, and knee, were recently found to be associated with several adverse outcomes...
SSIs Rare in Orthopedic Surgery in ASC

SSIs Rare in Orthopedic Surgery in ASC

The incidence of surgical site infections (SSIs) following orthopedic surgery performed in ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) is low, according to a recent study published...
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Mako Versus ROSA: Comparing Robotic-Assisted Surgical Systems

Robotic-assisted surgery has become a topic of discussion in orthopedics, being that the technology has the potential to improve surgical accuracy and decrease rates...

Study Uncovers Two Novel Agents that Combat Chronic Tendon Inflammation

A study recently published in The American Journal of Pathology has identified new potential therapies for reducing inflammation in patients with chronic inflammation related...

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