Nutrition 2019 Annual Meeting Coverage

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Breaking Nutrition and Diet News from Nutrition 2019

Nutrition 2019, the annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition, took place from June 8-11 in Baltimore. Top thought leaders discussed the latest...
Diets High in Protein, Plant Protein Tied to Lower Mortality

Lack of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Responsible for Millions of Cardiovascular Deaths

Could an apple a day keep cardiovascular diseases (CVD) away? According to the findings of a recent study, many preventable cardiovascular deaths take place each year due to an inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables.

How Could New Nutrition Policies Decrease Cancer Risks?

Recent research has found that new policies designed to improve nutrition could have strong implications in preventing cancer. These policies, utilizing taxes or warning...

Could a Plant-based Diet Reduce Diabetes Risk?

Several recent studies have evaluated how diet may affect a person’s risk of developing diabetes—particularly, how a diet more focused on plants and less...

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