White House Announces Vaccine Distribution Directly to Dialysis Clinics

In a March 25 press release from the White House, President Biden announced the launch of a partnership to vaccinate dialysis patients against COVID-19. The partnership will allow the Biden administration to provide vaccines directly to dialysis treatment centers to allow patients who receive in-center dialysis treatment are able to get vaccinated at their place of care.

The American Kidney Fund issued a press release applauding the decision.

“AKF is grateful to the Biden-Harris administration for announcing its plans to distribute COVID-19 vaccines directly to ESKD patients at the nation’s dialysis clinics. AKF recently met with Congressional and Biden-Harris administration officials to recommend this action.

“A recent study found that 20% of people on dialysis who developed COVID-19 died from the infection…Federal vaccine allocation for ESKD patients at dialysis clinics will save lives. We applaud the Biden-Harris administration for its commitment to health equity and in prioritizing the distribution of the vaccine to get it immediately to the populations that most need it, including frontline workers and those with kidney failure,” the AKF press release said.