Survey: Rheumatologists Are the Happiest Physicians

Pre-ESRD Nephrology Care Aids in Patient Coping Strategies

More than one-third of patients diagnosed with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) were not receiving care from a nephrologist at the time of the diagnosis. Megan Urbanski, PhD,and colleagues conducted a study to examine the...

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Focus on Transplantation

Access to Transplantation Varies with Distance from Dialysis Facility

Use of dd-cfDNA to Stratify Risk of Allograft Loss in African American Recipients

Despite advances in the modern era of kidney transplantation, the rates of allograft loss remain disproportionately higher among African American transplant recipients than among...
Study Finds Large Number of Patients With Cancer Who Have Undiagnosed Hepatitis, HIV

Disparities in Access to HCV Positive-Donor/HCV Negative-Recipient Transplant

Following successful pilot trials of transplanting organs from hepatitis C virus (HCV) viremic donors into HCV-negative recipients, there has been an expansion of the...
Liver Cancer

UNOS Safety Net in Kidney-Liver Transplant Access: Are there Racial Disparities?

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) implemented guidelines regarding simultaneous liver-kidney transplant in 2017. The guidelines included medical eligibility criteria as well as...

Outcomes among Recipients of Kidney Allografts from Donors with Hypertension

Allografts from living kidney donors may carry subclinical pathological abnormalities to the recipient, increasing the risk for adverse clinical outcomes. Diminished number of nephrons...
Kidney Transplant Center Volume and 3-Year Clinical Outcomes

Outcomes in HCV Positive and Negative Recipients of HCV Positive Kidney

Previously, hepatitis C positive (HVC+) donor kidneys were only transplanted into recipients who were HCV infected (D+/R+). The emerging availability of direct acting anti-viral...
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