A multi-purpose electromagnetic actuator for magnetic resonance elastography

Publication date: September 2018
Source:Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Volume 51
Author(s): Yuan Feng, Mo Zhu, Suhao Qiu, Ping Shen, Shengyuan Ma, Xuefeng Zhao, Chun-hong Hu, Liang Guo
An electromagnetic actuator was designed for magnetic resonance elastography (MRE). The actuator is unique in that it is simple, portable, and capable of brain, abdomen, and phantom imagings. A custom-built control unit was used for controlling the vibration frequency and synchronizing the trigger signals. An actuation unit was built and mounted on the specifically designed clamp and holders for different imaging applications. MRE experiments with respect to gel phantoms, brain, and liver showed that the actuator could produce stable and consistent mechanical waves. Estimated shear modulus using local frequency estimate method demonstrated that the measurement results were in line with that from MRE studies using different actuation systems. The relatively easy setup procedure and simple design indicated that the actuator system had the potential to be applied in many different clinical studies.