Psychological Distress and Type 2 Diabetes: Does Age Affect Outcomes?

In this study, researchers evaluated how diabetes-related stress affects psychological health and well-being, the relationship between age and psychological outcomes, and the degree to which age impacted relations from diabetes to stress outcomes. The study included a diverse group of community patients recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Patients completed a survey and kept a daily journal for 14 days that included information on daily diabetes stressors, mood, and self-care. They also reported age, diabetes distress, and psychological distress at baseline and after six months and were also evaluated for glycemic control. In both cross-sectional and longitudinal results, a correlation was observed between more daily diabetes stressors and poorer outcomes. Older patients were less likely to have psychological distress, but age did not affect daily diabetes stressors. Older age reduced the correlation between diabetes distress and outcomes.