Review: SPECT in the Toolbox of the Ischemic Cascade

This topical review covered a patient-tailored approach over the ischemic cascade in risk stratification for coronary artery disease. The authors covered a lot of material in the review, particularly where SPECT imaging was useful, such as in the assessment perfusion in patients with coronary artery calcium scores of certain individual levels. The authors also noted the potential boon to diagnostic yield SPECT provided to elective coronary angiography. “Furthermore,” the authors wrote, “myocardial perfusion SPECT provided incremental value over risk factors and symptoms in predicting CAD findings, thus emphasizing its importance in the decision-making process that lead to the use of coronary angiography.” The review also noted the availability of hybrid imaging techniques, such as in one recent study using SPECT and coronary compute tomography angiography for myocardial perfusion assessment.

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