Insomnia in T2D Patients Linked to Deleterious Glycemic Control

In this systematic review and meta-analysis, researchers evaluated insomnia and insomnia symptoms among type 2 diabetes (T2D) patients and whether or not there is any connection to metabolic parameters and glycemic control. Data were collected from Pubmed/Embase through March 2018. Studies eligible for inclusion were those that detailed the prevalence of insomnia or insomnia symptoms and any correlation with metabolic parameters or glycemic control in adult T2D patients. Final analysis included 78 studies. The authors reported, “The pooled prevalence of insomnia (symptoms) in people with T2D was 39% (95%CI, 34-44) with I 2 statistic of 100% (P<0.00001), with a very low GRADE of evidence. Sensitivity analyses identified no clear sources of heterogeneity.” According to meta-analyses, an association was observed in T2D patients who had insomnia (symptoms) and higher HbA1c levels (mean difference [MD], 0.23% [0.1–0.4]) and higher fasting glucose levels (MD, 0.40 mmol/l [0.2–0.7]), with a low GRADE of evidence, but the authors noted that the findings are unclear due to the low methodological quality and high heterogeneity of the included studies.