Degradation of DAXX by adenovirus type 12 E1B-55K circumvents chemoresistance of ovarian cancer to cisplatin

Publication date: August 2018
Source:Virology, Volume 521
Author(s): Qiang Li, Junnai Wang, Daiqing Liao, Jihui Ai, Lei Jin, Qinglei Gao
Adenovirus E1B 55-kilodalton (E1B-55K) mediated DAXX degradation represents a potential mechanism by which E1B-55K sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapy. Here we report the effects of E1B-55K-mediated DAXX degradation in chemoresistant ovarian cancer cells on response to chemotherapy. Cells with E1B-55K expression were more sensitive to cisplatin than cells without E1B-55K expression. In vivo C13* xenograft studies showed that the combination of cisplatin and E1B-55K was markedly more effective to slow tumor growth and to confer prolonged survival of tumor-bearing mice than either cisplatin or E1B-55K alone. Our studies show that DAXX plays an important role in cisplatin resistance in ovarian cancer, and strategies that promote DAXX degradation such as E1B-55K expression in combination with cisplatin can overcome drug resistance and improve responses to standard chemotherapy. These results also indicate that E1B-55K might be a novel agent for enhancing treatment responses for cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer.