The versatile hippo pathway in oral-maxillofacial development and bone remodeling

Publication date: 15 August 2018
Source:Developmental Biology, Volume 440, Issue 2
Author(s): Lin Xiang, Hui Yu, Xinyuan Zhang, Bin Wang, Ying Yuan, Qin Zhang, Rui Ye, Ping Gong, Yingying Wu
The Hippo signaling pathway is implicated in key aspects of cell proliferation, control of organ size, stem cell functions and tumor suppression. Its functions are primarily mediated either through direct effects on transcription factors to influence target gene expression or through crosstalk with other signaling pathways that regulate multiple physiological activities. Studies are revealing Hippo pathway involvement in diverse functions including renewal of intestinal epithelium, promotion of myocardial cell proliferation, cancer suppression, etc. In this review we discuss Hippo pathway signaling in oral-maxillofacial development and bone remodeling under normal and pathological conditions and highlight promising future research directions.