Incidence of HCV infection amongst HIV positive men who had sex with men and prevalence data from patients followed at the Infectious Diseases Clinic of Modena, Italy

Publication date: Available online 5 June 2018
Source:Digestive and Liver Disease
Author(s): Gianluca Cuomo, Margherita Digaetano, Marianna Menozzi, Sara Tagliazucchi, Giovanni Guaraldi, Vanni Borghi, Cristina Mussini
BackgroundMen who had sex with men (MSM) living with HIV are at higher risk of developing sexual transmitted diseases. This study reports two years incidence rate and prevalence of HCV in a cohort of HIV positive MSM.MethodsMSM HIV-positive outpatients negative to HCV-Ab at first observation entered a Kaplan-Meier model in order to assess the HCV infection incidence rate. Prevalence analysis was performed with MSM HIV-positive that were on follow-up at 2016. An MSM population HIV-negative served as control.Results421 patients entered the incidence analysis. The incidence rate of HCV infection among MSM-HIV people was 0.44 per 100 patients-years (19 events). 40 out of 442 (9%) patients were HCV-positive(prevalence analysis); they were mostly genotype 1a and 3 with APRI score <0.7 (87.5%). Univariate analysis between MSM HIV-positive patients and MSM HIV-negative showed significant differences in the prevalence rate (9.0% vs 0.6%, P<0.001) and median age (39 vs 47, P<0.001).ConclusionIncidence and prevalence rate of HCV amongst MSM HIV-positive patients is higher than in other settings. Annual HCV-Ab screening for MSM HIV-positive patients should be enforced and early treatment of HCV recommended.