Modulating the immune system through nanotechnology

Publication date: December 2017
Source:Seminars in Immunology, Volume 34
Author(s): Tamara G. Dacoba, Ana Olivera, Dolores Torres, José Crecente-Campo, María José Alonso
Nowadays, nanotechnology-based modulation of the immune system is presented as a cutting-edge strategy, which may lead to significant improvements in the treatment of severe diseases. In particular, efforts have been focused on the development of nanotechnology-based vaccines, which could be used for immunization or generation of tolerance. In this review, we highlight how different immune responses can be elicited by tuning nanosystems properties. In addition, we discuss specific formulation approaches designed for the development of anti-infectious and anti-autoimmune vaccines, as well as those intended to prevent the formation of antibodies against biologicals.

Graphical abstract