Enhancing cancer immunotherapy through nanotechnology-mediated tumor infiltration and activation of immune cells

Publication date: December 2017
Source:Seminars in Immunology, Volume 34
Author(s): Haifa Shen, Tong Sun, Hanh H. Hoang, Jana S. Burchfield, Gillian F. Hamilton, Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, Mauro Ferrari
Cancer immunotherapy has become arguably the most promising advancement in cancer research and therapy in recent years. The efficacy of cancer immunotherapy is critically dependent on specific physiological and physical processes – collectively referred to as transport barriers – including the activation of T cells by antigen presenting cells, T cells migration to and penetration into the tumor microenvironment, and movement of nutrients and other immune cells through the tumor microenvironment. Nanotechnology-based approaches have great potential to help overcome these transport barriers. In this review, we discuss the ways that nanotechnology is being leveraged to improve the efficacy and potency of various cancer immunotherapies.