Controlling Insulin Delivery with Samsung Smartphones

This week, Samsung has announced that its Galaxy smartphones swill serve as controlling devices for Insulet’s insulin pumps. Specifically, their phones will be used in concert with Insulet’s unique tubeless insulin pump called Billerica.

Insulet’s FDA approved Omnipod Dash Insulin Management System will initially only function via locked-down Galaxy smartphone provided to patients. Dr. David Rhew, chief medical officer, general manager and VP of Samsungs healthcare division, claims the long-term plan is to extend the system to patients’ personal phones.

Insulet also plans to extend the reach of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) with Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. The Omnipod system as well as the CAD app products will utilize Samsung Knox, a defense-grade security system integrated into Samsung devices. This CAD app will also use the cloud-based service Samsung Knox Configure that deploys and customizes several devices at scale over-the-air.

This Knox platform works in concert with the Omnipod DASH system security features by validating integrity of Samsung mobile devices. This ultimately creates an extremely secure platform for patients to use. Partnerships with Northrup Grumman, CentralSquare Technologies, Caliber Public Safety and Tyler Technologies have allowed Samsung to offer a collection of wearable products that allow emergency responders to maintain connectivity and communication with patients without being near a mobile data terminal. This system also retains location awareness of patients.

“Over the last few years, there have been many exciting advancements that allow individuals to experience how phone control could improve their diabetes management,” said Insulet president and COO Shacey Petrovic.

Once the Omnipod System is approved, it will be the first device that provides consumers with the ability to use their own smartphone to securely control their insulin pump treatments.

In a press release from Samsung, the company claims that CAD product providers have the ability to design and configure Galaxy smartwatches with Tizen OS and Samsung Knox to meet specific needs of public safety agencies. These providers will also enable secure management of the devices once deployed.

“First, there’ll be a locked on version of the phone which has the security platform called Knox … but a large part of what we’ve been talking about, and I think a lot of the excitement, is how this device could then be your own personal Galaxy smartphone,” said Rhew. “What we could then envision is an individual who has an existing Galaxy device, has Knox already embedded. Because all these Galaxy devices have [Knox], we enable that to be used with this application, and now you have a personal device that does much more than simply view data. It can potentially administer medication, it could potentially be used to capture other types of information from other devices [and] communicate with others. [It’s] a tremendous amount of opportunity if you think about consolidating all these different functions on a smartphone.”

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