What Has the Past 50 Years Taught Us About Molecular Transport in Articular Cartilage?

Extensive studies throughout the past 50 years have helped enable the prediction, as well as the reliable optimization, of the transport of a wide variety of molecules into cartilageContinuing to develop these therapeutic molecules that target chondrocytes and locally produced inflammatory factors within arthritic cartilage has been a focus in study and investigation for some time. In this study by Nature Reviews Rheumatology, transport kinetics of therapeutics are summarized, and the factors are discussed. 

According to the review, the most crucial factor when designing new therapeutic molecules is solute size, and the diffusivity and partition coefficient of a solute both decrease with increasing solute size. 

By learning how to alterate the shape or charge of a solute, as well as the application of physiological loading to cartilage, this data can be used to better understand how to improve therapeutic agents for osteoarthritis that target the cartilage. 

SOURCE: Nature Reviews Rheumatology