Rheum Round-up: Psoriatic Arthritis Medication Research, Hip Fracture Survival

Guselkumab Safe, Effective in Biologic-naïve Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis

Guselkumab was a safe and effective treatment for biologic-naïve patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA), according to one-year data from a phase 3 study. “The overall treatment effect observed during the 24‐week placebo‐controlled period was well maintained, and the risk–benefit profile remained favorable for both guselkumab regimens, through week 52 of DISCOVER‐2,” the researchers summarized in their conclusion.

Ixekizumab Withdrawal In Psoriatic Arthritis May Result In Relapse

In further PsA news, patients who achieved minimal disease activity on ixekizumab may relapse if they terminate treatment, according to a study. “Continued ixekizumab therapy is superior to ixekizumab withdrawal in maintaining low disease activity in biologic‐naive patients with PsA. Retreatment with ixekizumab following relapse may restore disease control in case of treatment interruption,” the study authors wrote.

Survival After Hip Fracture Surgery May Depend On How Busy The Hospital Is

Patients with hip fracture who are admitted to the hospital during a busy time may experience delayed surgery and have a higher risk for 60-day mortality, a study discovered. “We found that surgery was delayed in hip fracture patients who were admitted during periods of high volumes of acute surgical admissions. This finding may indicate that hip fracture patients were not prioritized during periods of high activity. The association between high-volume recent acute surgical admissions and longer time to surgery was somewhat attenuated, but still evident after excluding orthopaedic surgery or procedures related to the digestive system from the exposure,” the researchers wrote.