Rheum Round-up: Interviews—Dr. Woody on Unmet Needs in Pain and Inflammation, Dr. Hernandez on ArthritisPower Español, and more

DocWire News recently spoke with Dr. Jim Woody, CEO of 180 Life Sciences, a company that develops new treatments for inflammation. Dr. Woody and his team have now fully enrolled phase 2/3 study for the treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture. See what he had to say.

Dr. Daniel Hernandez, Director of Medical Affairs and Hispanic Outreach, CreakyJoints Español, discussed the creation of ArthritisPower Español and how this can he helpful for Hispanic patients with skin conditions.

Opioid users with osteoarthritis of the knee had poorer baseline knee structural degeneration and faster progression, according to a study. Opioid use is “controversial,” the researchers acknowledged. Generally, opioids are not recommended for pain control in osteoarthritis. Still, prescription rates in the United States are estimated at around 16%.

Even if they do not present with tender and swollen joints per the 28-joint count, patients with rheumatoid arthritis still suffer from foot and ankle problems, a study found.


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