Physicians Marrying Physicians: Challenges and Benefits

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), about 40% of physicians are likely to marry another physician or health care professional (HCP). There are both challenges and benefits of being in a two-physician relationship.

With about 50% of physicians reporting burnout, it means that many dual physician households are at increased risk that one or both will experience burnout. Challenges also include dealing with medical student-loan debt and in the case of physicians with young families, finding reliable child care that accommodates the schedules of two busy doctors. It is also difficult to strike a work-life balance as a couple.

On the other hand, when a doctor’s partner is also a doctor, there are psychological and emotional benefits of understanding challenges unique to physicians. There are shared experiences, a common language, and similar values of responsibility to patients above personal priorities. These values are beneficial in developing strong marriages.

It has been speculated that doctors are more likely to be divorced than other professionals due to long work hours and the stress associated with the profession. However, a report conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital found that physicians are less likely to be divorced than people in other occupations, including lawyers, nurses, and other HCPs. Couples who have grown apart and mutually decided to end their marriage may speak with a family law attorney to explore their options in separating amicably.

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Those entering medicine often have considered how their career choice might impact their personal lives, delaying marriage, and developing coping mechanisms. Couples with high discretionary incomes can make lifestyle choices to reduce work time and strike a work-life balance to improve their quality of life.