Physician Recruitment Experience: Why it Matters

Recruitment processes are opportunities to grow your talent pool and improve your employer brand. By paying close attention to the entire recruitment experience and streamlining it, you can leave a good impression for not only those candidates who receive and accept job offers from your organization but also those who do not get selected. Your reputation as an employer will draw the right talent, and this is especially important in the tight medical jobs market.

Initiating the recruitment process:

The first step is a well written and accurate job description. This will weed out unqualified applicants.

Add an application deadline.

Include a telephone number or an e-mail address where candidates can contact you and ask more questions.

Explain the application process – After the candidate submits their application, will they receive an automatic response? When will they be notified whether they were selected for an interview or not? How will they be contacted – via telephone or e-mail?

Ensure that the job application is mobile optimized. Ninety percent of job hunters use a mobile device for job hunting, but send the application by a personal computer.

Scheduling the interviews:

Inform the candidates if initial interviews are going to be remote interviews or in-person.

Tell the candidate how many people will be attending the interview, whether it will be one-on-one or a jury of people, and the number of people in attendance.

After the interview:

The candidate you choose – let the candidate know your decision as soon as possible. Tell them why they were chosen and how their specific skills and expertise suited your organization. This will make your soon-to-be employee feel valued.

The candidates you didn’t – contact the candidates to inform them that they were not selected. Explain your position, ending things on a positive note, paving the way for a good recruitment experience for the candidates who did not get the job.

Your employer brand is the perception of your organization to the talent you wish to attract. Good branding will get you top talent.