Mobile App for Remote Dietary Counseling in Kidney Disease

In patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), there is risk of mortality associated with healthy dietary patterns. Nevertheless, not all patients receive counseling from a dietitian, due, in part, to concerns including dietitian availability, travel distance, and cost. Researchers recently conducted a study to examine the feasibility of telecounseling supported by a mobile application to reduce sodium intake and improve overall dietary quality in patients with early CKD.

The application allowed patients to record and share dietary data with registered dietitians. The dietitians used motivational interviewing techniques to provide weekly telecounseling for 8 weeks.

Adherence among the participants was excellent, and patient-reported satisfaction with the intervention and telecounseling was high. Following the intervention, sodium intake, weight, daytime systolic blood pressure, and daytime diastolic blood pressure were improved.

The researchers added, “An application-supported telecounseling program with a registered dietitian appears to be a feasible and well-accepted strategy to improve dietary quality and improve cardiovascular risk factors in patients with early kidney disease.”