Indoor Tanning Bed Users More Likely Have Professional Skin Cancer Exams

A study published in JAMA Dermatology investigated the prevalence of self-skin cancer examinations and professional skin cancer examinations among the general population and regular users of indoor tanning beds. The investigators used data from the National Cancer Institutes’ Health Information National Trends Survey and administered surveys to 3,285 participants.

The study found that regular users of indoor tanning beds were approximately three times more likely to have conducted professional skin cancer examinations than nonusers. Additionally, indoor tanning bed users were approximately 2.6 times more likely to have conducted self-skin cancer examinations in comparison to non-users.

However, the likelihood of indoor tanning bed users having professional skin cancer examinations was only 9%; a plurality of indoor tanning bed users (48.7%) indicated that they have had professional skin cancer examinations, though not regularly. The researchers proposed that the higher prevalence rate of having professional skin cancer examinations, as well as self-skin cancer examinations, could be due to increased awareness of the harmful effects of excess UV radiation.

Source: JAMA Dermatology