Hiring A New Physician: Critical Questions

Demand for physicians is outgrowing supply. How are you going to fill the gap in your establishment? Are you going to use an in-house recruiter or an independent search firm? Finding the right individual is challenging since your practice is not the only one attempting to recruit that stellar candidate. This is a capital investment and hiring the wrong person will end up being a costly mistake.

Ask yourself:

1. Who is your ideal candidate?

Make a list of the attributes you are looking for. Not only are you interviewing the candidate, they are also considering you in terms of their needs. Are you the right fit? Do you meet each other’s long-term goals?

2. What unique benefits can your practice offer?

It is no longer just about a competitive compensation package. Candidates are considering other factors such as work-life balance, geographical locations in terms of suitability for family, availability of good schools, cultural activity, and entertainment.

3. Will this candidate fit the rest of the team?

Compatibility is an important factor. Is your corporate culture right for this candidate? Will he/she get on with the rest of the staff?

4. Measure each candidate.

Make a list of the pros and cons of each candidate interviewed. Hiring the right person is a process. Find the most suitable person for your establishment and then, make the offer.

Hiring a new physician can be a challenge, but it is not impossible if you ask these critical questions and assess your organization. You may very well end up with more candidates to choose from that fit your needs than you originally imagined.