MIMOS Unveils GlucoSenz, Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor

The Malaysian applied research and development agency MIMOS has recently announced its new GlucoSenz device for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. The company claims that their innovative, non-intrusive monitor is the first clinically tested glucose screening device of its kind.

GlucoSenz is simple to use, obtaining spectral data from the user’s thumb. Specifically, the device utilizes chemometric methods to analyze one’s near-infrared absorbances. GlucoSenz detects, analyzes, and predicts blood sugar levels from capillaries in the thumb using high-end photonics, electronics, and software technologies. Light is projected on the patient’s thumb, and data from the reflected light is then collected by a fiber-optic probe that beams the light to a detector, which then calculates and displays blood glucose levels on an LCD screen. In contrast to the common ‘finger-pricking’ method of measuring blood sugar, this non-invasive system manages to do so without penetrating the user’s skin.

This unique blood glucose monitor is the product of seven years of research and development in the MIMOS photonics technology laboratory.

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“The launch of GlucoSenz marks a huge step forward for MIMOS’ Advanced Electrical and Electronics division, particularly the photonics R&D team,” said Mohd Shahiman Sulaiman, MIMOS senior director of research and development. “At this stage, the solution can bring a significant impact to healthcare providers, where safety and economics are of paramount importance. A non-invasive, non-intrusive glucometer will protect healthcare personnel from possible occupational exposure to infected blood.”

GlucoSenz is planned to be released to the general public by the end of next year. Shahiman also said that the MIMOS team is working to integrate the GlucoSenz’s technology into a smaller device, and to conduct a trial for this mini prototype by mid-2019.

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“GlucoSenz would potentially replace conventional glucometers due to its ease of use and high accuracy,” he added. “Countries with high rates of diabetes and obesity should keep a watch on this product as it has a huge market potential.”

MIMOS is a strategic agency that falls under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). The company has filed for over 2,000 intellectual properties in multiple technology domains, embodying multiple socio-economic areas.

Their areas of R&D specialization include accelerative technology, advanced computing, artificial intelligence, photonics, and many other analytic fields. MIMOS boasts five national technology facilities, dedicated to helping the industry undergo big data analytics, internet functionality, nano fabrication/smart manufacturing, industrial design and user experience, and hardware prototyping.

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