Mayo Clinic to Incorporate Blockchain in Electronic Health Records

Mayo Clinic has recently signed an agreement with the London-based startup company Medicalchain to consider integrating blockchain platform into electronic health records (EHR). Medicalchain describes this system as a secure and easily accessible source of health records that facilitates the updating and sharing process. The company plans on exploring various blockchain EHR projects with Mayo Clinic, as well as other distributed ledger services.

“We feel this working agreement will be of benefit to all healthcare stakeholders.” Abdullah Albeyatti, Medicalchain CEO

What is blockchain?

According to an article on Bitcoin Trader, the core concept behind blockchain technology is creating a decentralized, transparent, and immutable record of transactions. Its integration into the healthcare system is a hot topic due to its potential ability to produce a private and comprehensive collection of patient health records.

Currently, a patients’ medical records are fragmented across several providers and specialists. Physicians must often track down records to assemble the puzzle that is their patient’s medical history, a tedious process that may lead to exclusion of important information.

With blockchain, these pieces would be brought together in the form of a verified EHR that physicians could access for every new patient. The platform also allows for cryptocurrency use, potentially expanding the accepted currencies in healthcare.

This agreement between the UK startup and Minnesota-based medical practice is still in very early stages and has a long road ahead of itself, but the both parties believe that it is the first step in creating a revolutionary EHR system.

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